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PT. Haribima Pandawa Putra Media is a Company Service Communication Solution, Enterprise Resource Management and Multimedia Platform digital application development. Our focus is on business and multimedia applications that integrate with multiple systems technology. We also have the professional expertise to deliver software applications and consulting packages to meet the needs of your business, ranging from design and planning, project management, until the end of a project. We function as a single unit with you, as our customer, the entire scope of the project developement cycle. Our approach is to achieve widespread customer satisfaction.

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Providing customized solutions and application development services to clients and provide the best option based on Information Technology (IT) to transform business methods. IT simplify and speed up business, to compete in the market a new standard for efficiency cut costs and the most important is the utilization of new technology. Revolution on how companies do business. Does it really benefit your company, and if so, how and how much? Or maybe in planning a new system involving the application of IT you need a second opinion, the opinion of someone who has a clearer view and a more comprehensive field scenario. When you’re planning or reviewing corporate strategy you know that IT should be an integral part of your business, then that is where our role is to provide the best solution for you.

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A Complete Documentation about how to use the website/application to make it simple for admin and user.

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With the latest techonology, reliable human resource and extraordinary stable server.

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Supported by Excellent and Creative young Human Resources.


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Your needs can be customized according to the platform that will be used, be it a mobile application, desktop application or website application